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Every person, product and service has an audience. Today’s  shopper, viewer and influencers are wiser, smarter, and can kill product value, obliterate a reputation, and reshape a brand in a matter of minutes. No longer is quality and value the primary driving factor to purchase, follow, engage, or advocate.  To the point, they want to know why you are relevant, important, and worth remembering. Because we are engaged through digitally driven communication and the 24-hour news cycle, today’s audiences are more powerful and less siloed than ever before.  

What makes LGPR brand management and public relations strategies unique is a belief to tell your target something that will make them sit up, listen and display their enthusiasm.  We believe that brands with a clear, concise, and authentic purpose, are more likely to resonate, connect and engage with the people they are trying to reach.  Or public relations team will work with you to align your aspiration with today’s cultural energy to shape an image that reverberates and ensures business success.



Your Brand Is On Fire!

Social media has fundamentally changed how people communicate in times of crisis.  In a matter of minutes, a brand can find itself unable to swim or doggie paddles, yet come up for air. Public relations goal is to attract attention to your cause, product or services, through earned media, good works and other organic means. Crisis communications are focused on trying to mitigate damage that has come from negative earned media.

At LGPR, we focus on knowledge (take away the rumor mill) speed (getting your message out before someone else shapes the narrative) and ownership (being forthcoming about either what you did or what you’re going to do) to prevent the problem from happening again. Simply put, we help shape the tone, content and delivery of your message.



Getting Attention Without Selling Your Soul

Media attention is hard to get and even harder to keep.  Today, there are fewer reporters and getting their attention is harder. Journalists, like everyone else, are increasingly seeing their time splintered, their resources [getting] cut and responsibilities increase. With less objectivity and a more subjectivity [combative, aggressive, argumentative] news force, planning is essential safeguarding relevance and reputation. 

We focus on media relations that can drive news coverage without losing, or worse, selling your soul. Let us help you get your news to the audiences who need to hear it through content, transparently, and knowledge.

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Knowledge & Experience

PR-Powered Storytelling Is Our Story

LGPRConsulting is a public relations and brand strategy consulting company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are an independent, creative PR and brand strategy agency that delivers recognition and success for brands through 

smart thinking and innovation.

We can deliver high impact launch campaigns and provide long-running PR programs for our clients. Our brand storytelling is rooted in today's ever-changing culture and delivered with compelling editorial and social content. At LGPRConsulting, we create integrated campaigns, generate headlines, capture imagination, and inspire people to action. 


Building Great Reputations

Compete With Your Competitors

Can you name a major brand that doesn’t have a PR firm, consultant, or dedicated public relations person in-house? You can't. Companies who are genuinely invested in long-term relevance and staying power understand the value of a solid brand strategy.  Whether it includes preparing for the negative,  being a part of the conversation, or when their industry is a part of compelling or powerful news.

There is no greater PR value than having people talk about the relevance and worthiness of your product, service, or people.  Today, relating to the public has never been more consumer and social media driven, to include hundreds of digital outlets, available to write about your company.  If you remove PR from the equation you are no longer relevant, you are not building brand recognition or reputation, and you are not standing up against your competitors.  Telling your story your way is essential.


Earned, Not Purchased

The Value of Good Public Relations

Advertising is telling others how great you are. Public Relations is allowing others to tell the story for you.  PR, along with a well-planned brand management and strategy is the direct lifeline to your credibility, your reputation, and your revenue. 

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